Life is like a Flower Garden

When you think about it, life is like a flower garden.  You go through life preparing the plot to plant your seed.  Then as life evolves and the plant begins to grow other opportunities arise.  Some are expected, like the spreading of the flower that you planted, but some are unexpected.  For example when birds are drawn toward your garden and drop seeds from other gardens into yours.  You then have the start of something unexpected and beautiful.  First you need to determine which are weeds and which are flowers.  Once you get rid of all the weeds then give the new seeds your attention, water them, fertilize them, and watch them grow.  If we recognize and take advantage of the good opportunities that land in our path our lives could blossom into something much bigger and beautiful than we had imagined.  Just as you believe that when you plant a seed that it will bloom you too have to believe in yourself enough to open your mind to new possibilities and opportunities and don't let the weeds get in your way.  Believe in your tomorrow and work to make it come true!

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