From Blah to Boho!!

When searching for a piece of furniture, I sometimes focus on the features of the piece, the intricate carvings or shape that set it apart from other pieces.  But, sometimes, I am just looking for a blank canvas to create something completely unexpected.  That's what I saw when I found this Vintage Wardrobe on Craigslist.  I challenged myself to transform this piece into an unexpected and beautiful piece of functional artwork.  Inspired by Dionne Woods of The Turquoise Iris and her beautiful blending technique, I began from the bottom up blending colors.  I used colors of Green, Bohemian Blue, and a beautiful blue by DIY Paint Co. called Water Lilly.  I then added this beautiful decoupage paper and blended around the edges to make it look like the paper was an actual part of the wardrobe itself.  The hand-painted flowers were then added to the piece.  I wanted this piece to look very old and worn so I sanded back on the piece to distress it and then added white wax all over. The white wax soften and fades the colors for that aged and worn look.  I love how this piece turned out!  Although the original piece in its' day was probably a beautiful piece, it had turned rather Blah and uninteresting over the years.  With a little artistic imagination, quite a bit of work and a lot of fun, this piece was transformed from Blah to Boho!  What do you think of this furniture transformation?

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